Habitat for Humanity


With the marsh approaching two years old in October, we thought we would share some pics of the wildlife which now calls it home.


The cattails we planted are spreading nicely, and we had a pair of red-winged blackbirds nest.  It has been amazing to hear the male singing as he has patrolled his territory.



M02A3525 (2)

We watched this mated pair of cedar waxwings softly exchange a mulberry some 16 times.  She finally accepted his gift by eating the mulberry…he then proceeded to find another which he presented her for another round of exchange.  I’ll bet we watched them for 15 minutes.White-tailed2

Letting the fields grow up around the marsh has been such a rewarding decision.  Such dramatic increases in wildlife have been the result.  So many rabbits, turkeys, birds, fox, hawks, owls.

Indego Bunting2

We have been amazed at the amount of indigo buntings and seed-eating birds, which enjoy the grasses.


As a sportsman, I have done my best to practice leave no trace, and fishing catch and release, and teach the youth within my sphere of influence to do the same.  We want future generations to be blessed with the wildlife we have enjoyed.


When I consider the difference we made in our area by adding our marsh and letting some mowed areas become prairie…I feel like we need to teach our youth one more rule. Wildlife requires habitat.  When it exists, whole ecosystems are established.  Where there was once sterile mowed grass, there is now life in abundance!!

If we all could carve out just a slice…the corner behind a shed where not even neighbors can see…it can become habitat for birds, rabbits, squirrels… and thereby… habitat for humanity.


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  1. Love, love this!! Your pictures are beautiful and your point about habitats is so true! Thank you for posting and giving us all a window into the fascinating world of your amazing marsh! ❤️

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