Spring Blush

The fact that daffodils know to start growing through the snow has always been fascinating to me.  Buried beneath the snow, the ground frozen, life begins right on schedule.

Swamp Milkweed2

The seed pods which waited through the cold winter burst open…their perfect planting season at hand.

Sycamore Seeds

Sycamore seed balls open in anticipation.  The winter freeze having expanded the soil -they and the other spring seeds are provided just the right little furrows to be blown into, just before the spring rains water them in.

Budding Tree 2

I wonder how the tree sap knows just when to leave the safety of the tree’s roots, and bring the tree back to life.

Budding Tree

It seems to me the sap literally pushes the buds into the spring air.

Winter Pool

I find it amazing how our planet goes from winter one week…to spring blush the next.

Spring Blush



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