A different kind of CREEPER.

As we close in on this spring’s migration season, Jenney and I are very excited about the return of the warblers.  The vivid colors that adorn most birds in the mating season is amazing to us!  How a female can be dressed similar to her mate, but not quite as flashy, is phenomenal!  And even more amazing still is that each species has a mating season attire,  and a more drab set replaces this each fall.

But then, if that’s not enough, some birds are made to blend in to their surroundings.

Brown Creeper3

The brown creeper is the master of disguise.  It is so well concealed by its set of feathers, unless it moves, you would completely miss it.

Brown Creeper7

The Brown Creeper searches the nooks and crannies of mature trees for the insects it eats.

Brown Creeper5

It seems to us that nature just isn’t very easy to classify.  As soon as you try, something doesn’t fit.  We believe this is not only to keep us interested, it is also to make us think.

12 thoughts

  1. Not sure how I missed this, but yes! BC is a master at camouflage. Probably why it took so long for me to see him — only made my Life List last month! Great pics, btw.


    1. I can relate, Hazel! Jeff has always loved them, and I had never seen one until about two years ago. It seems like our eyes need to continually be trained to snap to the slightest movement!


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