Foot Fetish

Such a simplistic and adaptable creation – the bird’s foot!

I think it is remarkable that birds’ feet are such amazing pieces of equipment.  As an engineer, I get fascinated by simplistic yet very clever solutions to how we accomplish things in our world today.  The simpler a solution, often, the more I am attracted to it (less that can go wrong, my father always said).


Today’s engineers are working feverishly to automate production processes using robotics whenever possible.  Not surprisingly, most robotic hands are designed to emulate a bird’s foot.


Capable of holding tightly and securely to the smallest of branches,

Common Yellowthroat on Grasses.JPG

its tiny, sharp claws can dig into the surface of any sized branch,


grip at any angle,

Pileated Woodpecker-Clifty Falls State Park (2).JPG

or hold tightly to the largest of tree trunks.

Some designs are just so good they never need improving.

8 thoughts

  1. Speaking of feet, I love the feel of the Chickadee when he lands on your hand, it’s such a very gentle touch…..I also want to tell you I loved your “About” page and how you spoke of the Marsh….as I discovered the Marsh life about four years ago, and I just love it and the creatures that I get to photograph there.

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    1. I am so sorry we missed this comment originally! How awesome to feel the chicadee’s feet on your hand…I look forward to having that experience! Thanks for your appreciation for our “About” page…we are blessed. And it is so good to find another marsh aficionado!

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