Black and white, or color?

Anyone who knows me knows I am fascinated by colors. Poor Jeff; he has to hear every day, “LOOK at those COLORS!” One of the most exciting things about warblers is that each one has a different color pattern.

But for some reason, contrary to what one would think, my very favorite warbler is the simple, elegant black and white warbler.

Black and white warbler

They are tree-crawlers, so you see them acting similarly to a nuthatch – over, under, around the tree trunk and branches, hunting for food. Black and white warblers are between 4.3 and 5.1 inches, so they are quite small (although larger than many other warblers). Between their size, color pattern and behavior, I think you have to be actually looking for them to see them. I saw my first one last year; I can only imagine how many times I overlooked these little jewels.

Black and white warbler, Anhinga Trail, Everglades National Park

They are also one of the earlier arriving migrants in the spring, so as our days get longer and brighter, we are hoping to see these guys return SOON! (Actually, “early” means mid-April at best, and e-bird sightings locally seem to start the first week of May…but that doesn’t stop me from looking for them every time we’re outside!!) In the meantime, we look back at the images Jeff has caught, to tide us over.

C’mon, spring!



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  1. Hey, I also saw my first black and white warbler last year. Actually I didn’t even know that such beautiful birds as the warblers existed till about 3 years ago. Those are some nice shots you got. Because of the way they move, I find it very hard to get decent shot of them.

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