Palm Warbler

How birds stay warm in the winter

The more I photograph birds, the more fascinated I become with them.  The intricacy of their design is amazing.  When I really study a close-up of  their feathers, it is no wonder they can stay warm by fluffing them.

Palm Warbler Everglades

Each species of bird stays true to their color pattern.

Palm Warbler- Anhinga Trail Everglades

I am in awe of how most species of birds change colors in the spring mating season.  Their feathers are much more flashy and bright in the spring.

Palm Warbler - Anhinga Trail

And let’s not forget their amazing flight maneuverability…even the Harrier jet is but a clumsy attempt to copy what birds do with extraordinary ease.  What an awesome, light-weight, interesting, beautiful and entertaining creation birds are.


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