Hidden Pictures

I’ve always loved hidden picture games. When I was little, it started with the magazine, Highlights for Children. My favorite part of each issue was the page where I had to find all the hidden pictures in a drawing. Of course, as I got older, I needed more of a challenge – video games, books, even Facebook has some hidden picture games.

It turns out, much of what Jeff and I do is like expert-level hidden picture games. What our reader usually sees is photos that have been zoomed and cropped to showcase the subject. But when we are in the field, just finding the subject at all is sometimes a challenge. That’s one of my favorite parts of what we do!


I believe there are a couple of things at work here. First, creatures evolve and adapt to blend in to their environment. The ultimate reward – survival – is given to those who can hide best from the ever-present predator. This is part of God’s design, and it is beautiful to see the various adaptations of each species to their precise habitat.

Second, I have no doubt that God delights in our delight in his creation. If it was always easy to find the bird, the frog, the chipmunk, etc., would it even be any fun? The challenge is what keeps us interested.

Golden Crowned Kinglet



6 thoughts

    1. Yes! When we did this story, we hadn’t yet succeeded in getting good pix of the creeper. Did you see our story on him a few days ago? It’s hard for even the camera to know he’s there sometimes!!


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