Warning: Vultures May Cause Damage

There are signs at Everglades National Park warning visitors that vultures may cause damage to vehicles. At Anhinga Trail, there is a big bin of tarps and bungees, and you are encouraged to protect your car before you go off looking at the wildlife. At other places, we noticed people hooking a white plastic bag to their windshield wipers (when it blows in the breeze, it supposedly keeps the vultures away).

We tarped our car, since it was a rental, and because there were a LOT of black vultures hanging around the parking lot – at least 50 – 75. Not ten minutes after we finished covering the car, the curious vultures started checking it  out.

Yes, the vulture is pulling at the frayed edges of the tarp!

There are lots of theories as to why the vultures pick at the rubber seals, the windshield wipers, etc. At the end of the day, many scientists admit…they really don’t know. If you’ve read Bird Brained?, you already know that birds have under-appreciated intelligence. We believe this is another example – once they’ve eaten their fill, they’re looking for something to keep them occupied. In other words…they’re bored!

4 thoughts

  1. There is a great article in this months ‘Texas Parks and Wildlife’ magazine on vultures. Fascinating creatures who deserve way more respect than they’re given. I’ve heard about this car damage from one of my neighbors who experienced it firsthand.


    1. We will have to check out that article, thanks for the info! We were very lucky NOT to have damage the first day; in our haste to get on the trails right away, we didn’t read the signs and protect our vehicle…dodged that bullet, thank goodness!


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