It’s too cold to go outside!

Saturday dawned sunny and cold – about 4F. We were ready! We layered up and set out for Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge near Seymour IN. This is one of our favorite places, but we hadn’t been there with snow on the ground. We weren’t sure what to expect as far as birds were concerned, but we were blessed beyond our expectations!

We found an entire colony of Eastern Towhees. We’ve read that they are not social and will chase others out of their territory, but we saw dozens, side by side, busily scratching through the leaf litter and snow (with both feet – kind of a backward hop), looking for food. We watched this guy take berry after berry, while his “associates” were hard at work on the forest floor below.

Eastern Towhee with a mouthful - Muscatatuck NWR

We saw several Eastern Bluebirds.

Eastern Bluebird - Muscatatuck NWR


As always, there were Tufted Titmouse galore. This guy was chattering at us as we walked through.


The ice crystals were amazing with the sun shining off of them.


We heard lots of sandhill cranes, but they were south of us in the protected part of the refuge, so we were disappointed that we couldn’t see them. But, towards the end of our visit, we got to see a few flying overhead!

Sandhill cranes in flight - Muscatatuck NWR

It is incredible to see how nature flourishes, living in weather that tends to discourage us from being outside at all.


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