Redtail hawk at Minnetrista Nature Area

When Jenney and I decided to take the leap and begin the Marsh Doctors website, it was fundamentally to share our enthusiasm of the incredible world our creator gave us to live in. We love just getting outside, and have heard from some followers that our posts are contagious, and make them want to get outdoors as well. Ever since I was twelve I wanted to be a wildlife photographer. I saved my money and bought a Cannon SLR in Jr. high school, and even went on to have my own dark room in high school. I remember one class we took required that we seek out a professional in the field we were interested in and talk to them about the profession. I eagerly contacted our area’s leading photographer, and set up an appointment to discuss following my dream! The day came quickly, and I remember my excitement as I was greeted by the “pro”. Well, it didn’t take long for him to tell me I needed to wake up and come to my senses. “It’s ludicrous to believe you can be a National Geographic photographer. Get in the real world and be more realistic,” he said.


I pursued engineering and have made a decent living using this skill in a variety of ways. But really, I always wanted to be a wildlife photographer. I think it is amazing how life works…at age 55 I now have a reason and purpose in following that dream. I believe it is a gift from above that I am able to capture God’s work in a way that is hopefully pleasing and inspirational. I know, at the very least, it is a passion and a joy to be doing it.
Through the course of believing in myself, that my photographs might just be worth sharing, I have had the good fortune of meeting a man named Greg Harty. He is an incredibly knowledgeable photographer and salesman at Jack’s Camera Shop in Muncie. I could tell the moment I met him that we were cut from the same cloth. A true lover of the outdoors and an expert at his profession, Greg has guided me in the purchase of my Canon camera equipment (now some 40 years later in life). He and his wife have spent the last year visiting every state park in Indiana and hiking the trails. They even entered the Indiana State Parks Centennial Sign Selfie contest. Well, Molly won! And you know what’s really cool…they got a free season pass to the Indiana State Parks! It turns out they had already received a season pass as a gift…and so, Greg decided to give it to us!

Tufted titmouse at Mounds SRA Glidewell Trail

Well, I may be taking too much license here, but the difference between an amateur and a professional is that the professional gets paid for what they do. I know if we weren’t doing this website, we would very likely not know Greg. As such, I am choosing to view his very kind gesture as a payment for our service. Yes, that’s right…Greg and his lovely wife have officially made me a professional photographer!

Might be a stretch, but I’m going with it!

Mallard in flight Lakeshore Trail Whitewater Memorial State Park

Thank you, Greg and Molly!


8 thoughts

  1. LOVE this wonderful story and you are absolutely a professional in my book!! Your photos make me smile and always…ALWAYS give me a sense of wonder and awe at what our Creator has blessed us with. You so perfectly capture the beauty that is all around us and I am always anxious for your next blog post. Thank you for your gorgeous pictures and a peek inside the fascinatingly beautiful world of marsh birds! 😊❤

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  2. As large as this world is I am amazed by the little connections that just seem to happen. I thank God for these little bright spots that he shows us when we have our eyes open. Thank you for the kind words. It is a great feeling when both parties seemed blessed with an encounter.

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  3. What a wonderful tribute to both your enduring passions and this great guy called Greg 😉
    You guys have helped us learn a lot while we’ve been out exploring and I’m SO glad that we know a couple that will enjoy that pass as much as us 🙂

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    1. We plan to use the pass not only to hike, but also to report our findings on each trail on a new page of our website (coming soon). For example, we love birding, marshes and more challenging hikes. Our grid will specify all the various elements a trail has to offer, so people can make more informed decisions as to where they want to hike next.
      And, thanks so much for the follow :-)!


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