“Just a robin”

Robin in fall

You’ve probably noticed by now: Jeff and I love warblers. They are so beautiful, so active, and such a challenge to find, photograph, and identify. Warblers are so tiny, often you don’t see them until they move! So, we have trained ourselves to instantly focus on any movement.

Since there are fewer birds now, I have been really enjoying the robins we come across. Yes, they are numerous. They aren’t hard to find – they really aren’t that shy. As I thought about it, I began to realize how often during warbler season we would see a flicker of movement, and then one of us would say, “Ah, it’s just a robin.” But as we have started to really SEE each one, we have come to appreciate their beauty and their wonderful place in our world. Yesterday, we came across a busy robin-crossing in a magical place in the woods and we said, “Look! Robins!”

I have been guilty of similar thinking about myself at times. I’m just ____________ – a wife, a mom, an accountant, a friend. But you know what? I’ve been created! To be exactly who I am! I don’t have to be flashy, or a star, or anything that I’m not.


I can rest in being myself, and I know that in being myself, I am loved.

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