Red-winged blackbirds

Redwing blackbird singing

We both love red-winged blackbirds. They frequent marshes and wetlands, and without cattails, they probably won’t visit. When Jeff and I discovered our mutual affection for these birds, it sparked a conversation that led, eventually, to the building of our marsh (see more about that at We built a marsh – you should too! and at A Celebration of Life). Next spring, we hope to have our very own resident red-wingeds, but until then, we certainly enjoy seeing (and hearing) them on our travels. Jeff captured these images at our most recent visit to Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge in Seymour, IN.

Redwing blackbird on willowRedwing blackbird on cattail

I love the way they perch, and then as you watch, they slowly seem to grow larger, puffing up, until eventually their distinctive song BURSTS out!

Redwing blackbird singing

3 thoughts

  1. Northern Wisconsin was where I grew up. A large pond and marsh was on our property, in sight and hearing of our school bus stop. Every spring, these RWBS would fill the air with their trills as they clung to the cattails and perched on the phone lines. A good memory.


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