Fun with our Game Cam


Wild turkeysObviously, this is a bit of a different post picture-wise. We thought it would be fun to show you a few critters we’ve caught on our game cam. These wild turkeys frequent our marsh, but we haven’t yet been able to get close enough to get good pix. We were excited to see that our game cam captured these beauties so well!

This is a rather eerie capture of one of the many coyotes around us.


This one is a bit creepy to me because the coyote’s obviously eating quite well.


Here’s our favorite neighbor, the red fox. We’ve caught glimpses several times, and at one point a few months ago, he came right up to our back patio while we were sitting, looking out. Of course, he chose a time when Jeff’s camera wasn’t at hand!


We get lots of squirrels, deer, raccoons, possums, and rabbits, which are so frequent we just delete those. But this one made us laugh, so I had to share it!

Squirrel checking out game cam

And we’ll end with our good boy Finnigan, cheesin’ it up for us all.

Finnigan on game cam

I hope you enjoyed these. Never fear, in a few days you’ll see more of Jeff’s photography!

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