The Cloud Maker

CLOUDSOne of the marshes Jenney and I love and frequent is Magee Marsh in Oak Harbor, OH – right on Lake Erie.  It is a beautiful marsh abounding in wildlife and one of the best birding spots in the US.  One of the highlights of every trip is the Barnside Creamery just off highway 2.  There one can sample one of the best ice-cream treats ever dreamed up by man – the Cloudmaker.   It starts out with just ice cream (their own amazing ice-cream), but when you add the strawberry, cherry, grape or other flavor, something absolutely magical happens!

I remember a sunset not too long ago which left me feeling the same way.  The sky was filled with little puffy white clouds with blue sky showing between.  It was a beautiful sky in its own right, but when the sun began to go down – oh my…something magical happened…the bottom of each and every cloud in the sky seemed to be filled with grape flavoring…and as the sun continued to set, the cloud flavoring changed from grape to strawberry, and then as it darkened, the whole sky seemed to become a beautiful lavender with light and dark highlights.  Words cannot do this or any sunset justice.  Pictures can’t even do justice.  Our eyes alone were made to appreciate the splendor of our ever-changing sky.

Outside of a perfectly blue sky, which happens very rarely, we never see the same sky twice.   Clouds provide an ever-changing and interesting sky for us to view and appreciate.  As the old saying goes: Red sky at night – sailor’s delight.  Red sky in morning, sailor take warning.  Clouds let us forecast the weather, and bring us rain collected from the ocean hundreds of miles away.  Hurricanes are such powerful cloud engines they bring heavy rains to the Midwest just when trees and plants need it most. Without clouds the entire water cycle would stop.

Different types of clouds seen together in the sky give us a sense of depth, and make us appreciate how high our sky really is.    There seems to be an infinite array of different clouds; some are billowing and grand, some wispy and thin.  Some clouds are dark and menacing, while some are bright and cheery.  Clouds bring emotion and interest to our lives.  They create beauty while performing a critical function in our world every day.

Clouds really make me appreciate the Cloud-Maker!

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