Abiding Tree

20160825_165218There is an oak tree by our local mall
Magnificent, majestic, strong and tall
A remnant of a woods which once lived there
A tree of such stature the developers didn’t dare-
Remove this tree just for cars to park there.

Its roots go deep, it’s over two-hundred years old
And lived in a time when the stories once told
came from the lips of pioneers, settlers and tribes.
They needed this tree to help them survive.

They collected its acorns, hunted game and squirrels
They rested in its shade, and chased after girls.
They collected dropped branches to use in their fire
Yes this was a tree they all did admire.

The neighboring trees in this forest of old
Each provided gifts if their stories were told
There were Beech and walnut and hickories galore,
There was pear and apple and plum and more.

There was maple for syrup and candy and treats
There was persimmon for pudding and other baked eats.
Pine sap was used to seal wooden ware,
And black locust for their bows hand crafted with care.

Cherry for arrows and drills for making fire
All woods had properties our forefathers admired.
They built furniture, cabins and even shingles of wood
Such an all-purpose thing – God was so good!

As the seasons progress from spring until fall
These amazing trees provide oxygen for all.
From shelter to food, heat, fuel and light
They even burst into colors for our pure delight!

Our forefathers needed trees each and every day
Now we just remove them if they get in the way.
For “progress” indeed has a life of its own
But it seems man has forgotten what was once widely known…

The tree is a gift so complex and pure
It didn’t just evolve, of that I am sure!




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