There’s nothing to eat!

Arizona Mountains - CopyI remember opening the fridge as a kid, saying, “There’s nothing to eat.” It wasn’t that there wasn’t any food in there, it was just that none of it was ready to just eat – it all required work.

Last night Jenney asked if I would like a ham sandwich. When I said yes, she went outside. Before long she returned with a tomato from our garden. Carefully slicing it, she chose just the right bread, buttered it, sliced and arranged the ham, and grilled it with melted cheese. With mustard, mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato it was a sandwich creation which far exceeded my expectations…it was nothing short of spectacular!

For the last eleven years I have worked with youth, many of those years as a scoutmaster. We backpacked the Appalachian Trail, whitewater rafted the New River, did survival camp-outs, etc. Chances are you will never hear a scout say, “There’s nothing to do.” But it seems a lot of people have this to say about the place they live.

I recently read a series of posts on Sierra Vista, AZ, and one person had that to say about the area. It reminded me of the ham sandwich Jenney made. We had all the ingredients for an amazing sandwich…all it really took was the effort!  Jenney and I recently visited Sierra Vista and hiked the Ramsey Canyon Trail.   Suffice it to say, our efforts created an experience that far exceeded our expectations! These photos are just a few from the day.

Painted Redstart2 - Copy
A Painted Redstart

Ramsey Canyon


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